My Hours changelog
My Hours changelog

Changed (Project) Manager role


New feature


We re-thought the Project manager role, re-developed it from scratch and re-named it to "Manager".

By default, the Manager role works the same way as did the Project manager role. Only it's even more powerful and flexible.

Administrators can invite new or edit existing team members with a Manager role and decide to:

  1. Limit reporting access to only their Team (you'll find Team assignments under "Teams" section)
  2. Enable the person to also manage, approve or reject logs of their team members
  3. Disable editing of projects and tasks (read-only access)
  4. Hide labor or billing rates

With regard to the 4th point above, we should note that all users can still view their own costs (labor and expenses), but can never view rates of other team members. Unless you allow specific Managers to have access to labor or billing rates.

For existing accounts: all Project managers will be migrated to the Manager role. Nothing will change for them,unless you decide to make changes in the Team members section.

In case you allowed Project managers to view Billing rates (via Account settings), your Managers will have this option turned on.

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Improved filenames of downloaded reports




In order to keep your reports organized when downloaded, we added a date stamp to the file name.

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Copy time log


New feature


Much requested feature of copying time logs is now available for all on the new Track daily timer interface.

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Lock entire date range




While My Hours offered an auto-locking feature for a while, we kept hearing that it needs to be improved. So we rewrote the locking system from scratch. Administrators can enable daily, weekly or monthly lock, which will result in:

  1. The system will lock every time log in the past (not only from the moment on)
  2. When a date period is locked, Normal users and Managers can no longer add, edit or delete logs in that period.
  3. Administrators can add, edit or delete logs even in the locked period. Bulk editing is disabled for all.

Update billable setting in bulk


New feature


Editing time logs in bulk was always available in the Activity report. With the new release we've added the ability to change the billable flag for multiple time logs in bulk.

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Improved reports




We've added a few improvements to the Team pivot and Timesheet reports.

Team pivot with more columns

Team pivot report and export now include Billable hours, Total costs and Balance info. Balance is calculated by subtracting Total costs from Billable amount.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 09.51.13.png

Unlimited date period for Timesheet report

Timesheet report was always limited to a week. But our customers sometimes needed to display two weeks or the entire month. Now it's possible to select any date range with our date picker.

Time format is available in a decimal format as well.

View budget info while Tracking


New feature


By popular demand, we've added the ability for everyone (with permissions) to see the remaining budget while tracking time.

For existing customers it's disabled by default, so no worries if you don't want this feature. But if you do, you can switch it on in the "Time log fields" settings - check "Budget info".

Users with the "Normal" role will only be able to view a budget info if it is set in Hours (not Costs or Billable amount). While Admins and Manager can view other types of budgets as well, depending on their permissions.

This option is coming soon to Weekly timesheet as well. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please send them to our support team.

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Tracking improved




The old Tracking UI is now deprecated and we would like our customers to start using the new Tracker. There are a few noticeable differences, some of which we've managed to improve with the new release.

  • Day name is always visible in the title
  • Description is visible entirely in the timeline
  • Client name is displayed in front of the Project name
  • Completed tasks are marked properly in a selection dropdown
  • Primary button in the time log form now properly responds to time input. ("Start timer" changes to "Add time log" on the first input for example.)

A bucket of small improvements




Dashboard bar charts

Bar charts in the distribution section are now normalized. That means that bars represent a percentage and thus making hours and amounts comparable between themselves.

Timesheet importing is now faster

We've completely rewrote the timesheet importer which makes it much much faster.

Bulk archive a Task list

Quickly archive or delete an entire Task list from a Project.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 09.20.42.png

Ability to enter time in a decimal format

Customers who like to enter their time in a decimal format (1.5 or 1.25) can now enable this feature in their profile.

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 09.22.47.png

Timesheet report in a decimal format

Timesheet report now includes a setting that translates minutes into a decimal format.

Styling in Activity reports

We've managed to improve the style of the log descriptions in the Activity report.

Download invoice in XLS format

While My Hours allows for some simple changes via UI, our customers would like more freedom. Downloading the invoice in the XLS format anyone can make further changes in their favorite spreadsheet software.

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Improvements to our Mobile apps


New feature



  • Add attachments to logs, like receipts of expenses
  • Tracking is easier to use with larger buttons and more intuitive time/duration picker
  • Custom fields are now available on the go
  • Swipe left/right to move between days
  • Report tab received a few minor updates like % of Billable/Nonbillable hours
  • You can now filter report by Team members