5.0 launch

We are releasing a brand new mobile app and quite a few updates to the web app! Here’s a list of the new and updated features.

New mobile apps

Mobile apps for both Android and iOS have been re-developed from the ground up. Not only are they more attractive visually, but also offer a full spectrum of functionalities:

  • Add projects, tasks and tags straight from the mobile app
  • Visualize your week or month via dashboard report
  • Set up notifications to remind you to start or stop the timer

New Tracking interface

Some of you may already be using a new Track interface. We have now improved it even further. If you haven’t switched yet, you can do so on your Profile.

What are the advantages of the new interface?

  • Use “Favourite logs” feature to quickly add frequently occurring time logs
  • Add detailed styled description with bullets, headings and links
  • Attach files directly to time logs
  • For high-efficiency folks: add or edit logs with the keyboard shortcuts, without the need to use a mouse
  • Visualize your day with the “Timeline” bar
  • Switch to Weekly timesheet to enter time logs in bulk at the end of the day or week.

While the original Track interface will remain available for a while, it will eventually be deprecated.

We strongly recommend that you switch to the new tracking format.

New Project management

We completely redesigned the process of assigning tasks to projects and made it easier to assign team members. We hope that the new workflow will make project and task management faster, easier and more informative. What is changing?

  • We are introducing monthly budgets for the organizations that work on a monthly budget or retainer
  • Budgets can now be set on the task level as well, not just on the project level. They can be set in billables, costs or hours. This will enable you to plan resources more precisely.
  • Tasks can be created quickly, grouped into Task lists and reordered to mirror their priority. * Mark tasks as completed to let the team know they’re finished.
  • For those that prefer assigning existing pre-set tasks (as before) we’ve improved and renamed tasks as “Task templates”. They can now be added to a project in bulk.
  • Adding team members to projects is now faster with a dedicated Project members page
  • Projects are now ordered by date created by default so the newest projects are always on top. To keep your project list tidy, we’ve added bulk archiving.

As you can see, we’ve redesigned the projects from the ground up. If you find anything that was better in the previous version, do let us know.


Here are the key changes we made to reporting:

  • Administrators can now switch between rounded hours (in a decimal format) for billable purposes and actual tracked time (hh:mm:ss format) for internal reporting
  • Additional amount has been renamed to “Expenses”
  • “Costs” are now available as a separate column and are calculated from the team member’s hourly rate.
  • Adding and editing time logs is now available straight from the Activity report
  • We’ve added “Client” and “Team” filters to all reports
  • We’ve improved the save/schedule reports interface

Project manager role

With the new release, Project managers can no longer view, edit or manage projects that they are not assigned to. The same goes for viewing the reports, they can only view reports for the projects they are assigned to.


We’ve also rearranged the main navigation. Projects are now placed right below the Track tab. In the Reports tab, Dashboard report gives you a great general overview and is now the default report on the top of the menu. The Activity report is right below it. You can quickly access the already filtered Activity reports right from the Dashboard.

Clients and Invoices are now grouped together, while Tasks tab was renamed to “Task templates” and moved to Account admin settings. All account settings are now grouped in one page, the Account Admin. Here you will now also find Tags and Imports.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the recent developments in My Hours!

New report - Timesheet

We are introducing a new Timesheet report, where you are able to check how much hours did your team members spend in a week (and each day) on specific projects and tasks.


Weekly timesheet view

For those of you who are not using a timer to daily track your work, it can get cumbersome to enter your hours one day at a time. This is why we are introducing a weekly timesheet which you can fill out for the entire week at once. You can switch to this Track view on your Profile.


Edit and delete time logs from Activity

You can now edit or delete time logs directly from the Activity view. This gives you the ability to update time logs quickly while preparing your reports. Administrators can edit logs for other members as well.

edit timelogs.png

Automatically lock time logs

Approval workflow, which is a feature of our Pro plan, enables administrators to Approve and thus lock time logs of their team members. But having to do this manually is very cumbersome in most cases.

With the new release, admins can set up auto locking with custom periods. There are 2 ways to lock logs. Lock time logs a few days after the log is created or lock previous month’s time logs every Xth day in a month.

Read more in our help article.


New Track interface

We’re pleased to reveal that we’ve been working on a completely new Track interface since the start of 2020. We received many suggestions from our customers, added some of our own ideas and hopefully created a better tracking experience for you.

We realize that tracking time is an unpleasant task. To speed things up we focused on 3 core features: keyboard-first interface, faster+smarter inputs and favorite log templates.

Keyboard-first interface

While the mouse is an awesome invention, we believe that to get something done quick, keyboard is the way to go. This is why we optimized the interface for keyboard interaction. You’ll find neat shortcuts to move through days and open a new log form, while entering log details is a breeze using a tab key. When you’re done, just press Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter and we’ll save the log for you.

Faster and smarter inputs

We’ve optimized most of our inputs. Searching for a project or task is now faster and we’re not even done yet. Duration input will translate any number you enter to the most suitable value. Same goes for start and end fields where pressing enter (or double mouse-click) will translate to the current timestamp, while up/down keys will add/remove minutes in steps (set up in your profile).

Favorite log templates

We kept hearing about recurring time logs and similar suggestions. Favorites are our answer. You can add as many details as you need, even start/finish timestamps. Clicking on a favorite will either start the timer or add a log to your timeline with prefilled details. Not a fan of “clicking”? Use Shift+1,2,… keys to achieve the same outcome.

Other novelties

New Track interface will slowly replace the current “Expanded” track view, while we are still working on functionalities that are a part of the “Compact” view. But for at least a year we’ll leave all existing and new Track views available to all customers.

We’ve also completely redesigned the page and made it easier to scan for details. You might notice that we moved the Stop button all the way to the left side and renamed it to Stop work. The decision behind this was to promote the continuous timeline where stopping is needed only when you’re taking a break or ending your work day.

To get the new Track interface, which is still in Early preview, go to your profile and switch ON “use new track page”.

Integrations in My Hours

Time tracking is usually used in combination with other tools, like project management or accounting software. And lots of you have been asking for a QuickBooks, Trello, Asana etc. integration for a while now.


Quickbooks is a very popular accounting software for small and medium businesses. We’ve decided to develop a native integration with their system. You can now sync customers, projects, service items and team members from QBO to My Hours.

Time tracked in My Hours can also be periodically transferred to QBO as Time activities. This way you can issue payroll, create invoices and set up custom reports.

This integration will be available on our Pro plan starting June 29. Please reach out to set up a consultation.

Zapier: Integrate with Trello, Basecamp, Asana etc.

There are plenty of popular project management tools out there already and new ones are created every year. It would be unwise of us to try to develop native integrations with all of them, so we decided to connect with Zapier instead.

Zapier is an extremely popular and awesome tool that enables anyone to easily connect different apps and automate synchronization workflows. You can learn more on their website.

With Zapier you can connect My Hours with Trello, Basecamp, Asana, your calendar, Zoom, Slack,… you pick. Contact us to get an Early access invite.

Improved reporting

Fresh look for PDF/XLS reports

The My Hours web app got a fresh new look in 2020 and now so have the reports. While we upgraded the styling, the reports work in exactly the same way as before. You’ll also notice that we added a pie chart to the Dashboard report to help you visualize the allocation of your time.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 13.39.23.png

Dashboard links to Activity

While new filters in Activity report are now much easier to use, they include all projects, clients, task etc. from your account. To generate a detailed report for a project under a specific client, go to your Dashboard and click "Activity" at the end of the Client/Project row.

Sorting in reports

Sorting by a selected column now sorts groups as well.

Let us know if you have any further suggestions with regards to our reporting features!

Useful tip: in case you ever need to change anything in the PDF report before sending it forward, you can download it in XLS format, make the changes, and save it as PDF.

A bundle of new features

Even though we just released a major redesign we took no time to rest.

Save reports

A lot of our customers have to create different reports for their managers and clients. Switching between different filters and settings every week or month can be quite tiresome. To speed things up we developed saved reports. Select columns, grouping, and view settings. Filter for Approved logs and set the date range. In the top right corner, you’ll notice a new dropdown “Saved reports”. Open it and select “Save”. Give it a name and you’re good to go. For more info please view our knowledge base.

Schedule a report

Going one step forward from Saved reports. You can also schedule these reports to yourself, your team members, or clients. A PDF report will be sent 6 hours after the selected period ended (in UTC timezone).

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.07.58.png

Activity report filters

We noticed that a lot of our existing and new customers had problems with report filters. We made them more visible, made them larger, and fixed the small bugs.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.11.08.png

New role: Project manager

With the new Project manager role, we are introducing the first step to more flexible role management. Project managers can manage projects/tasks and view team-wide reports. They cannot view billable amounts and costs unless otherwise selected in the settings. Additional flexibility is underway, so please send your suggestions.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.08.40.png

Quickbooks integration

Please contact us to get a demo of the integration.


Welcome to the new My Hours

After a complete rewrite of the My Hours backend system in 2019, we redesigned the web app for 2020. Functionalities stay the same but with a fresh look and a wider layout. Below are listed major differences that you’ll notice in My Hours.

But first… invite your team for free

Given the current situation and other aspects, we’ve decided to offer time tracking in a team as part of the Free plan. Yes, you heard that right: you can now invite and manage your team members for free - forever.

Budgeting, which was an exclusive Pro feature before, is now also available as part of the Free edition. You’re welcome! :)

To learn more about these changes go to our Pricing page.

Clean design & new layout

We gave My Hours a fresh look and feel with friendlier buttons, white background, and some other minor improvements.


The layout is now wider which makes reporting so much easier and we made the My Hours web app 100% responsive on mobile. We also moved the navigation bar to the left side. This way it will be easier to jump from one view to the next at any time.

Tags & rounded duration

Don’t want to use Projects and Tasks to categorize your time? Then tags are the answer.

You can add as many tags as you want to any log. You can tag different types of work or projects. You can keep it simple or make it as complex as you would like. Tags can be added on the Track page or in the Admin panel in bulk. Times.png

For customers that don’t want to bill their time by the second, you can now round up the tracked duration by the minute, 1/10th of the hour, 30 minutes etc. We always keep both, the actual duration, which is displayed on the Track page, as well as the rounded duration which is presented in reports and invoices.

Other improvements

Timestamps are now displayed without the annoying “Show times” button on reports. Just make sure that you have selected “View: Descriptions” in the toolbar.

Editing of a single time log is now easier via the Admin panel. It works pretty much the same as on the Track page.

The Dashboard now displays Total time instead of just showing billable time for the selected Group.


Any questions or suggestions? Start a chat with our support team or send us an email.