My Hours changelog
My Hours changelog

Changes to visibility of billables, costs and budgets



Normal users can change billable logs to not billable

In the past, only project managers and administrators were able to mark a specific log as “Not billable”. For now on, any team member can set logs as non-billable. Let us know if you find this valuable or not. This is a part of the Free plan.

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Separated options to show Billable amounts or Costs to Project managers

With the new release administrators can allow anybody to see their own labor costs (earnings), while still hiding the Billable amount total from Project managers. Pro plan only.

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Budgets set in hours (not billable amounts) can be viewed and edited by Project managers

Up until now, only administrators and project managers (with full access) were able to view and manage budgets. That caused frustrations for some that wanted to keep monetary info hidden, but still allow project managers to manage hourly budgets. From now on, also project managers that do not have full access can add and manage budgets that correspond to their access level. Pro plan only.

Labor cost of team members can be customized for specific projects

Labor rate (team costs) can now be set differently for each specific project. Thus allowing our customers to have a clear picture of costs versus income for each project specifically. Pro plan only

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 14.15.39.png

Entering expenses now available to normal members

Normal team members can now enter expenses on each time log, even when they are not allowed to see costs. They can also see a report on their expenses in the Activity view. Available on the Free plan.

Changes to Billable rate editing



That means that you can no longer apply the new billable rate to a specific set of logs. There were a lot of unintended consequences when this feature was available and we decided to remove it. If you wish to keep the historic rate for the past time logs, you should approve, invoice or auto-lock them before changing the rate. This will keep them from being updated and the past rates will remain intact.

On the other hand we have improved the Labor rate which can still be applied to new logs only.

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Audit log for time logs on Activity report





Open the detailed view - for all logs or a specific one - and you’ll find an “eye” icon which will open a popup with all the changes made on that specific time log. Pro plan only.

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 14.17.09.png

Improved report scheduling





Scheduling the Activity report used to be a little rough around the edges. With the new interface, we've simplified the process of creating a saved report and periodically sending it to yourself, your team, or your clients. We also added the option to send an Excel file instead of a PDF.


New Dashboard





We are introducing a brand new Dashboard report. We upgraded its functionality and divided it into 4 powerful sections.

Stats section

Besides the totals and averages, here you will now also find a comparison of the stats to the previous period.

Activity section

The activity chart shows how many total and billable hours were logged on a given day, week, or month. Here you can quickly spot any irregularities and see which days are the busiest. The "Average hours per day" dashed line calculates how many hours are on average spent on each working day.


Distribution section

Clients, projects, and tasks are nicely listed in a bar chart showing their hours and billable amount. This way you can compare them and see where you are billing more per hour. The table below offers quick links to Activity reports or Projects themselves.


Team section

The last section is all about your team members. Compare their total and billable hours within the selected parameters (with filters). Below the table is a list of all (active) team members that have not yet added any hours to their timeline in the selected period.


Tracking reminders


New feature



Weekly report

All team members will now receive a weekly (timesheet) report straight into their email inbox. This way normal members can check their logged hours and make any updates if needed. Administrators and Project managers will receive the report for the entire team or assigned project respectively.

Weekly reminder

Administrators can now set "Target weekly hours" for their team members. In this case, we'll append a kind reminder to their regular weekly report email. The reminder simply states how close the recipient is to the expected weekly target.


Daily reminder

Those who are using our new mobile app, are already getting your daily reminders to start and stop the timer. With the new release, you can also set mobile notifications on the web.

Reimagined Approval workflow





Approval workflow can be a very powerful feature for larger teams. We've made quite a few changes to it in the latest release.

Every time log can be approved or rejected

With the latest release, we added a new "View" on the Activity report called Screening. Switching to the Screening view, Administrators can Approve or Reject time logs of their team members. Approving a log also locks for from future updates. With log rejection, admin can add a comment about what to change.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.48.44.png

Set required approval for specific logs

Logs for specific projects or team members can be required to be approved. Before this release, all logs, including "pending" and "rejected", were presented in reports.

With this release, reports show only logs with Approved and No status.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.47.49.png

Assign tasks


New feature



Any member of the project can add time logs for its tasks. But if you want to be more specific, you can now assign members to tasks as well.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.52.49.png

This will reveal the "Assigned tasks" dropdown in the Track section. Assignees can see their tasks with detailed description, quickly add time logs and even complete them.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.54.44.png

Improvements in v5.1





Tag users into teams

To speed up the reporting for larger teams, you can now assign team members into "Teams". This way you can select the entire team in reports.

Archiving tasks

Users can add time logs for tasks even after they are marked as completed. Archiving a task removes the task from the list of available tasks in the Track section. Archived tasks can be restored or permanently deleted at any time in the future.

Assigning team members to projects

Admins can now assign any team member to multiple project in bulk via Un/assign project section in the Team members section.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.57.19.png

Minor features & bug fixes

  • Activity issue with sorting is now fixed
  • Total budget in Project export is back
  • Improved UI for updating rates on past logs

5.0 launch


New feature



We are releasing a brand new mobile app and quite a few updates to the web app! Here’s a list of the new and updated features.

New mobile apps

Mobile apps for both Android and iOS have been re-developed from the ground up. Not only are they more attractive visually, but also offer a full spectrum of functionalities:

  • Add projects, tasks and tags straight from the mobile app
  • Visualize your week or month via dashboard report
  • Set up notifications to remind you to start or stop the timer

New Tracking interface

Some of you may already be using a new Track interface. We have now improved it even further. If you haven’t switched yet, you can do so on your Profile.

What are the advantages of the new interface?

  • Use “Favourite logs” feature to quickly add frequently occurring time logs
  • Add detailed styled description with bullets, headings and links
  • Attach files directly to time logs
  • For high-efficiency folks: add or edit logs with the keyboard shortcuts, without the need to use a mouse
  • Visualize your day with the “Timeline” bar
  • Switch to Weekly timesheet to enter time logs in bulk at the end of the day or week.

While the original Track interface will remain available for a while, it will eventually be deprecated.

We strongly recommend that you switch to the new tracking format.

New Project management

We completely redesigned the process of assigning tasks to projects and made it easier to assign team members. We hope that the new workflow will make project and task management faster, easier and more informative. What is changing?

  • We are introducing monthly budgets for the organizations that work on a monthly budget or retainer
  • Budgets can now be set on the task level as well, not just on the project level. They can be set in billables, costs or hours. This will enable you to plan resources more precisely.
  • Tasks can be created quickly, grouped into Task lists and reordered to mirror their priority. * Mark tasks as completed to let the team know they’re finished.
  • For those that prefer assigning existing pre-set tasks (as before) we’ve improved and renamed tasks as “Task templates”. They can now be added to a project in bulk.
  • Adding team members to projects is now faster with a dedicated Project members page
  • Projects are now ordered by date created by default so the newest projects are always on top. To keep your project list tidy, we’ve added bulk archiving.

As you can see, we’ve redesigned the projects from the ground up. If you find anything that was better in the previous version, do let us know.


Here are the key changes we made to reporting:

  • Administrators can now switch between rounded hours (in a decimal format) for billable purposes and actual tracked time (hh:mm:ss format) for internal reporting
  • Additional amount has been renamed to “Expenses”
  • “Costs” are now available as a separate column and are calculated from the team member’s hourly rate.
  • Adding and editing time logs is now available straight from the Activity report
  • We’ve added “Client” and “Team” filters to all reports
  • We’ve improved the save/schedule reports interface

Project manager role

With the new release, Project managers can no longer view, edit or manage projects that they are not assigned to. The same goes for viewing the reports, they can only view reports for the projects they are assigned to.


We’ve also rearranged the main navigation. Projects are now placed right below the Track tab. In the Reports tab, Dashboard report gives you a great general overview and is now the default report on the top of the menu. The Activity report is right below it. You can quickly access the already filtered Activity reports right from the Dashboard.

Clients and Invoices are now grouped together, while Tasks tab was renamed to “Task templates” and moved to Account admin settings. All account settings are now grouped in one page, the Account Admin. Here you will now also find Tags and Imports.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the recent developments in My Hours!