A bundle of new features

Even though we just released a major redesign we took no time to rest.

Save reports

A lot of our customers have to create different reports for their managers and clients. Switching between different filters and settings every week or month can be quite tiresome. To speed things up we developed saved reports. Select columns, grouping, and view settings. Filter for Approved logs and set the date range. In the top right corner, you’ll notice a new dropdown “Saved reports”. Open it and select “Save”. Give it a name and you’re good to go. For more info please view our knowledge base.

Schedule a report

Going one step forward from Saved reports. You can also schedule these reports to yourself, your team members, or clients. A PDF report will be sent 6 hours after the selected period ended (in UTC timezone).

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.07.58.png

Activity report filters

We noticed that a lot of our existing and new customers had problems with report filters. We made them more visible, made them larger, and fixed the small bugs.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.11.08.png

New role: Project manager

With the new Project manager role, we are introducing the first step to more flexible role management. Project managers can manage projects/tasks and view team-wide reports. They cannot view billable amounts and costs unless otherwise selected in the settings. Additional flexibility is underway, so please send your suggestions.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 09.08.40.png

Quickbooks integration

Please contact us to get a demo of the integration.


Welcome to the new My Hours

After a complete rewrite of the My Hours backend system in 2019, we redesigned the web app for 2020. Functionalities stay the same but with a fresh look and a wider layout. Below are listed major differences that you’ll notice in My Hours.

But first… invite your team for free

Given the current situation and other aspects, we’ve decided to offer time tracking in a team as part of the Free plan. Yes, you heard that right: you can now invite and manage your team members for free - forever.

Budgeting, which was an exclusive Pro feature before, is now also available as part of the Free edition. You’re welcome! :)

To learn more about these changes go to our Pricing page.

Clean design & new layout

We gave My Hours a fresh look and feel with friendlier buttons, white background, and some other minor improvements.


The layout is now wider which makes reporting so much easier and we made the My Hours web app 100% responsive on mobile. We also moved the navigation bar to the left side. This way it will be easier to jump from one view to the next at any time.

Tags & rounded duration

Don’t want to use Projects and Tasks to categorize your time? Then tags are the answer.

You can add as many tags as you want to any log. You can tag different types of work or projects. You can keep it simple or make it as complex as you would like. Tags can be added on the Track page or in the Admin panel in bulk. Times.png

For customers that don’t want to bill their time by the second, you can now round up the tracked duration by the minute, 1/10th of the hour, 30 minutes etc. We always keep both, the actual duration, which is displayed on the Track page, as well as the rounded duration which is presented in reports and invoices.

Other improvements

Timestamps are now displayed without the annoying “Show times” button on reports. Just make sure that you have selected “View: Descriptions” in the toolbar.

Editing of a single time log is now easier via the Admin panel. It works pretty much the same as on the Track page.

The Dashboard now displays Total time instead of just showing billable time for the selected Group.


Any questions or suggestions? Start a chat with our support team or send us an email.

Fixes and improvements

Recent rewrite of My Hours left some minor issues that we now resolved:

  • Audit Log fixed
  • Project sorting on Invoices fixed
  • Updating a running log in Expanded mode fix
  • Timestamps in Compact mode sorted by start time instead duration
  • Fixed incorrect invoice generation for USA customers
  • Budget can now be set as a decimal number
  • Importing timestamps via Timesheet fixed
  • Pivot export available
  • Setting password after resending email fixed

New My Hours bugs are fixed

The recent release of the new My Hours caused some issues for some of our customers. We spent the last few weeks just fixing these to make sure your processes go uninterupted.

Here are the largest bugs that were fixed:

  • Activity export is the same as before the update, with the exception of removed start/end timestamps. Contact us for more details with regards to it.
  • Start timer with custom Start time in the Expanded tracker.
  • Downloaded Activity report includes timestamps as it did before.
  • Economy report cost calculation fixed.
  • Report filter search error fixed.
  • Task delegation with Project/Task mandatory error fixed.
  • Invoices list not displaying recent invoices bug fixed.

With the newest release we have removed some of the existing features due to simplified interface and faster performance.

Thank you for your patience.

My Hours Team

Faster My Hours

My Hours team has been working on something big for the past year. We have re-developed the web application - from scratch! Most of the interface looks the same or at least familiar, but it is MUCH FASTER!

On top of huge speed improvements, there are also some long awaited interface changes:

New Admin panel (ex-Approvals)

Admin panel (ex-Approvals) enables administrators to not only Approve or Reject time logs, but also edit them in bulk. Log audit (time log changes) is also available on this page. admin_panel.png

Redesigned invoicing

Invoicing was redesigned and now administrators can generate invoices with more confidence. invoices.png

Activity report

Activity is the most visited report in My Hours and we have spent quite some time optimizing its performance. It now also displays your and your team’s running logs so administrators can always see what their team members are working on. runnning.png

New Dashboard and Pivot report

We have redesigned the Dashboard report that now takes up way less screen space. Filters and sub-groups were added to Pivot report, just as some of you suggested. Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 07.53.55.png

Manage Pro Subscription

Last addition is the Subscription management for Pro accounts. No more Billing portal, you can now view recent statements, download them and update your credit card all within the app itself.

These changes will be gradually released to all My Hours users in the coming weeks.

Please send us any feedback that you might have and thank you for your patience with any potential hiccups.

My Hours Team

New Activity report now available for all customers

We have been polishing the new My Hours Activity report for a few months and we now think it is ready for prime time.

Starting today we have activated the new reporting capabilities in the Activity report for existing and new accounts.

To learn more about how it works, please refer to our Help center.

Contact our support via email or chat (PRO) and we'll help you get the hang of it.

Hope you'll like it, My Hours Team

Activity report fixes

As mentioned in our previous log, we created a completely new Activity view. There were some minor issues that we now fixed. We also made a progress on our mobile apps (iOS and Android).

  1. [FIXED] When multiple filters were used, downloaded documents presented incorrect data.
  2. [IMPROVEMENT] Better visibility of "active" filters.
  3. [FIXED] Incorrect decimal format in some cases.
  4. [FIXED] Multiple time logs were tracked via mobile apps.
  5. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved visibility of date selector in mobile apps.
  6. [FIXED] Project selector overflowed other elements.

There might still be some bugs running loose. Please let us know if you cross paths with any of them by chance.

New Activity chart & details

We've been working hard on My Hours Activity report for the past 3 month and we're proud to finally release it to our customers.

Activity report that was in Beta preview for a few months is now available to all new customers. We've also redesigned how we display details on each time log. (And we're still improving it.)

But the biggest change is the addition of Activity chart at the top of the Activity report. We hope it will empower you, our customer, to find helpful insights even faster.

With this new chart you'll get answers to questions like:

  • which days have missing entries?
  • which tasks take more time than others?
  • is our billable time increasing over time?

basic report.png

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in general by emailing us.

Import your timesheets

We realize that you might have existing time logs inside spreadsheets. Either you entered them manually over time or you exported them from some other tool.

My Hours now enables you to upload these timesheets and get all the data you need inside the application. This way, all your time history will be in one place and enable you to use our advanced reporting functionality.

Contact us if you need help with importing.

[BETA] New Activity report

We've received a lot of suggestions regarding our Activity report. The most requested were:

  • searching for time logs by their description
  • being able to filter by more than one entity
  • displaying all time logs for selected Project/Client
  • fix the timeout error when large amount of time logs is requested

From this day forward, you can request a Preview of the new Activity report that includes all these functionalities. Just send us an email to [email protected] and we'll enable it.


In the coming weeks we'll add brand new charts to the report and ability to save and schedule selected reports.

Happy tracking!