Faster My Hours

My Hours team has been working on something big for the past year. We have re-developed the web application - from scratch! Most of the interface looks the same or at least familiar, but it is MUCH FASTER!

On top of huge speed improvements, there are also some long awaited interface changes:

New Admin panel (ex-Approvals)

Admin panel (ex-Approvals) enables administrators to not only Approve or Reject time logs, but also edit them in bulk. Log audit (time log changes) is also available on this page. admin_panel.png

Redesigned invoicing

Invoicing was redesigned and now administrators can generate invoices with more confidence. invoices.png

Activity report

Activity is the most visited report in My Hours and we have spent quite some time optimizing its performance. It now also displays your and your team’s running logs so administrators can always see what their team members are working on. runnning.png

New Dashboard and Pivot report

We have redesigned the Dashboard report that now takes up way less screen space. Filters and sub-groups were added to Pivot report, just as some of you suggested. Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 07.53.55.png

Manage Pro Subscription

Last addition is the Subscription management for Pro accounts. No more Billing portal, you can now view recent statements, download them and update your credit card all within the app itself.

These changes will be gradually released to all My Hours users in the coming weeks.

Please send us any feedback that you might have and thank you for your patience with any potential hiccups.

My Hours Team