New Track interface

We’re pleased to reveal that we’ve been working on a completely new Track interface since the start of 2020. We received many suggestions from our customers, added some of our own ideas and hopefully created a better tracking experience for you.

We realize that tracking time is an unpleasant task. To speed things up we focused on 3 core features: keyboard-first interface, faster+smarter inputs and favorite log templates.

Keyboard-first interface

While the mouse is an awesome invention, we believe that to get something done quick, keyboard is the way to go. This is why we optimized the interface for keyboard interaction. You’ll find neat shortcuts to move through days and open a new log form, while entering log details is a breeze using a tab key. When you’re done, just press Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter and we’ll save the log for you.

Faster and smarter inputs

We’ve optimized most of our inputs. Searching for a project or task is now faster and we’re not even done yet. Duration input will translate any number you enter to the most suitable value. Same goes for start and end fields where pressing enter (or double mouse-click) will translate to the current timestamp, while up/down keys will add/remove minutes in steps (set up in your profile).

Favorite log templates

We kept hearing about recurring time logs and similar suggestions. Favorites are our answer. You can add as many details as you need, even start/finish timestamps. Clicking on a favorite will either start the timer or add a log to your timeline with prefilled details. Not a fan of “clicking”? Use Shift+1,2,… keys to achieve the same outcome.

Other novelties

New Track interface will slowly replace the current “Expanded” track view, while we are still working on functionalities that are a part of the “Compact” view. But for at least a year we’ll leave all existing and new Track views available to all customers.

We’ve also completely redesigned the page and made it easier to scan for details. You might notice that we moved the Stop button all the way to the left side and renamed it to Stop work. The decision behind this was to promote the continuous timeline where stopping is needed only when you’re taking a break or ending your work day.

To get the new Track interface, which is still in Early preview, go to your profile and switch ON “use new track page”.