Reimagined billing rate management

We've recently released a new version that includes a completely new way to change billing rates for past time logs.

One thing that we've heard over and over is how hard is to update rates on the time logs that already had a legacy rate applied.

Below is a quick explanation of all the changes and how they work. For more info, please visit our help center.

  1. Project billing rates and approval: Whenever you change billing method, billing rate or approval settings, you can apply these changes to existing time logs by clicking on the link beside Save button. This is nothing new. What is new is that even if make no changes, you can simply click a link "Changes will be applied...", change the date in the popup and your project setting will apply to existing time logs.


  2. Team member and task billing rates and approval: Up until now, it was almost impossible to update a team member's rate on existing time logs. You can now, just like on Projects, simply update billing rate with a click on a link at the bottom of the page.


We realize we might confuse some with this new system. Please write us an email to [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.