Welcome to the new My Hours

After a complete rewrite of the My Hours backend system in 2019, we redesigned the web app for 2020. Functionalities stay the same but with a fresh look and a wider layout. Below are listed major differences that you’ll notice in My Hours.

But first… invite your team for free

Given the current situation and other aspects, we’ve decided to offer time tracking in a team as part of the Free plan. Yes, you heard that right: you can now invite and manage your team members for free - forever.

Budgeting, which was an exclusive Pro feature before, is now also available as part of the Free edition. You’re welcome! :)

To learn more about these changes go to our Pricing page.

Clean design & new layout

We gave My Hours a fresh look and feel with friendlier buttons, white background, and some other minor improvements.


The layout is now wider which makes reporting so much easier and we made the My Hours web app 100% responsive on mobile. We also moved the navigation bar to the left side. This way it will be easier to jump from one view to the next at any time.

Tags & rounded duration

Don’t want to use Projects and Tasks to categorize your time? Then tags are the answer.

You can add as many tags as you want to any log. You can tag different types of work or projects. You can keep it simple or make it as complex as you would like. Tags can be added on the Track page or in the Admin panel in bulk. Times.png

For customers that don’t want to bill their time by the second, you can now round up the tracked duration by the minute, 1/10th of the hour, 30 minutes etc. We always keep both, the actual duration, which is displayed on the Track page, as well as the rounded duration which is presented in reports and invoices.

Other improvements

Timestamps are now displayed without the annoying “Show times” button on reports. Just make sure that you have selected “View: Descriptions” in the toolbar.

Editing of a single time log is now easier via the Admin panel. It works pretty much the same as on the Track page.

The Dashboard now displays Total time instead of just showing billable time for the selected Group.


Any questions or suggestions? Start a chat with our support team or send us an email.